Ice and Heat Therapy in Fort Myers FL

Chiropractic Fort Myers FL Ice And Heat Therapy

Our chiropractor recommends using ice and heat therapy in Fort Myers FL for different injuries. Ice therapy is best used with an acute injury because it reduces swelling and pain. Acute injuries can be caused by sudden trauma such as a fall, sprain or collision but an acute injury can also cause common signs and symptoms of injury such as pain, tenderness, redness, skin that is warm to the touch, swelling and inflammation. Ice is best use within the first 3 days of the injuries.

Heat Therapy in Fort Myers FL

Heat therapy is used to relax the muscles, increase circulation, and can provide relief to patients with chronic pain. Heat therapy is also best used for injuries that have no inflammation or swelling. Sore, stiff, nagging muscle or joint pain is ideal for the use of heat therapy.

Chronic injuries can be subtle and slow to develop. They could be constant, or sometimes come and go, and may cause dull pain or soreness. They are often the result of overuse, but sometimes develop when an acute injury is not properly treated and doesn't heal.

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