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Headache Relief for Fort Myers

Most of us have experienced multiple headaches in the last 3 months.

Headache Relief in Fort Myers

Chery Chiropractic Center will help provide headache relief.

It can be minor annoyance to some, but can be severely debilitating to others, especially for those who have to live with it every day. The most common headaches include migraine and tension headache.

Migraine is one of the most frequently used diagnoses for headaches, yet it is also the most commonly abused mis-diagnosis. The usual theory for tension headache is muscle tension at the neck and scalp, yet this very inadequately explains the true cause and the most effective treatment for it.

Uncovering the cause of headaches

When there are muscular imbalances in your head and neck area, as a result of stress, poor posture, prolonged tension, etc., one or more of the nerves are frequently trapped at their entry and exit points of the muscles, giving you that band-like pain around your head, making you irritable, and desperate. There are quite a few important nerves in the neck and scalp area, threading along layers of muscles to provide sensory and motor information for your most important body area: your head.

Our specialized and thorough examination is aimed at uncovering the true cause of your headache, which, based on our successful experiences over years, is frequently a result of nerve entrapment.

Fortunately, with our accurate diagnosis of the exact nerve that causes the pain, and our expertise in the Active Release Technique and Chiropractic Adjustment we will remove the entrapment and pain with absolute precision and focus which you will immediately recognize as “right on the point.” If you feel you have any of these symptoms or you know someone with these problems please call our Fort Myers office for a free consultation 239-936-6566.

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