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Chiropractic Fort Myers FL Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Our team offers electrical muscle stimulation in Fort Myers FL. Electrical Muscle Stimulation referred to as EMS, is a form of therapy used as muscle stimulation through electrical current to stimulate specific muscle contraction. This type of therapy uses light electrical pulses that are transmitted to specific areas of the body through electrodes placed on the skin. There are many different types of electrical stimulation. Some are more beneficial for pain relief and some reduce inflammation. Some best treat muscle spasms and some actually will cause muscles to contract in order to reduce muscle atrophy. Some forms of electrical stimulation have combination effects.

Multiple Types of Treatment for EMS in Fort Myers FL

EMS is used to promote pain relief, reduce inflammation, counteract muscle atrophy, and decrease muscle spasm:

  • Low Volt - For reducing muscle spasm and pain relief
  • High Volt Galvanic - Muscle spasm reduction
  • Russian Stimulation - Muscle strengthening
  • Interferential - Pain and inflammation reduction
  • Iontophoresis - A pain and swelling reduction technique
  • Micro Current - Increase cellular metabolism to enhance healing

What Does EMS Sensation Feel Like?

The electrical stimulation is a gentle tingling vibration sensation. EMS also contracts the muscle with each pulse on the area that the electrode is placed.

Furthermore, the impulses imitate the electrical signals normally produced from your nervous system, generating muscle contractions. In some cases, the body starts to get used to the muscle excitement causing the need to increase intensity for maximum benefit. For example, the treatment is between 10 to 20 minutes. Most patients like the feeling of their muscle contract and in the fact the treatment does not hurt.

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